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Travel to Philippines and discover the wonders of the country. Come across the beautiful world-class white sand beach resorts like Boracay and Panglao. Visit the well-known and enchanting diving spots in Palawan, Bohol, Cebu, Puerto Galera, Subic and Coron Bay.
Things you can do for a while..
While visiting some beaches just take a break and experience marine life of Puerto Princesa Subterranean River or enjoy the nice warm hotspring on Mount Pinatubo
Never Get lost
Getting around the Philippines is a "never will forget" opportunity that a traveler may experience in the Philippines. Philippines may have not been blessed with the most high tech transport infrastructure but it has been blessed with plenty of wonderful and world class destinations.
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7,107 Stunning Islands.
7,107 Reasons To Go.
7,107 Ways To Get Swept Off Your Feet Over and Again.

Burrowed at the heart of the Pacific, the Philippines is a true testament of the adage that big things come in small packages. Though only 120,000 square miles big, the country boasts 7,107 islands, each with its own unique sea and landscapes to wow even the most inveterate of travelers. From immaculate beaches to pulse-raising, Herculean volcanoes – not to mention the signature Filipino hospitality - there's always a reason to travel to the Philippines - and back again.

Why Go To The Philippines

There are over 100 reasons why the Philippines makes for a great vacation choice. But to sum it up, here's what's on top of the list.

• Amazing hospitality

Ask one of the thousands of foreigners who have made the Philippines their newfound home why they did and they'll probably tell you the same thing: it's the people.
Filipinos, like many of its Asian siblings, are known to be incredibly welcoming and respectful of guests. Even the poorest locals will gladly welcome guests to their homes and serve their best dishes any day, a fact that many backpackers who ditched hostels for local homestays can attest to. With a culture that's deeply rooted in faith, Filipinos are optimistic, kind and always smiling even in the midst of adversity. In the Philippines, it's sunny and cheery all the way! In fact, the Philippines consistently ranks among the world's top 10 most positive countries! Now who wouldn't want that good vibe when traveling?

• Paradisical Destinations and Natural Bounties

With over 7,100 islands, one will never run out of natural beauties to marvel at in the Philippines. The country is teeming with enigmatic waterfalls, beaches, caves, crystal lakes, mountain ranges, an African-like game preserve, spectacular dive spots and beautiful centuries-old structures. From world-renowned destinations like Boracay and El Nido to less trodden ventures such as Lake Sebu and Palaui, there are plenty of destinations in the Philippines to sate every travel whim and lifestyle.
The country is also host to a diverse array of wildlife, including Bohol's Philippine Tarsier, the world's smallest primate; the Pandaca pygmea in Tiwi, the weeniest fish in the world; Donsol's massive whale sharks; the near-extinct Bo-o Rafflesia species in Mindanao, and other exciting avian, plant and animal species!

• Great value for money

Traveling in the country is incredibly cheap. Here you'll get a great home cooked meal for less than a dollar, a beer for 50 cents, and plenty of tourist attractions for free!
Accommodations are bountiful, whether you're in the capital or some far-flung province. Much of these, be it modest inns or luxurious 5-star hotels, are built with the average Filipino budget in mind, so you can be sure they're economical.

• Unforgettable food

Filipino food is as robust as its culture. Local dishes are an amalgam of the country's rich heritage, which includes Spanish, American and Indo-China. The famous Filipino adobo, a simple stew made with soy sauce, garlic and vinegar, is proof of how vibrant and mouth-watering the Filipino cuisine is. Be sure to try the Sinigang as well, a sour soupy dish likened to Tom Yang. Also must-try's are bulalo, sisig, caldereta, and lechon, which Anthony Bourdain professed as the best pig ever.
For an even more adventurous culinary experience, don't pass up on balut and popular street food like quek-quek (fried quail eggs in orange batter), fishball and isaw (grilled entrails)!

• Delightful tropical weather

The Philippines is blessed with a year-round tropical weather, which is perfect for the beach bumming experience. Average temperature is around 26 degree Celsius, and the sun is always up – except during typhoon season (June to around October). It is neither too hot or too cold – truly, one of the best things when doing a tour.

Awe-inspiring nature.

Friendly people.

Exceptional food and culture.

Pocket-friendly thrills.

Because you deserve 7,107 ways to get delighted.

Pack your bags and head over to the Philippines today. Contact us to book your stay.
Paladin Hotel
Baguio City
Premier Deluxe- 2 DOUBLE BED
From Mar 01 2016 Up to Mar 03 2016
PHP 2,169.30
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Casablanca Hotel
Subic Bay Freeport Zone
Standard Room
From Jan 07 2016 Up to Feb 29 2016
PHP 2,250.00
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Pundaquit Sun and Surf Resort
Standard AirCon
From Mar 15 2016 Up to May 31 2016
PHP 2,250.00
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La Chari'ca Inn
Puerto Princesa
Single Room
From Sep 17 2015 Up to Dec 31 2016
PHP 1,198.00
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El Canonero Diving & Beach Resort
Puerto Galera
De Luxe Room Triple Occupancy
From Jan 02 2016 Up to Mar 23 2016
PHP 2,500.00
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Hotel Eureka | Angeles City
PHP 2,127.00
From Mar 02 2015 Up to Mar 01 2016
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Hotel Surla | Angeles City
PHP 9,520.00
From Mar 01 2015 Up to Mar 01 2016
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